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May 6, 2003 Lighting the Coca-Cola Woodruff Spectacular

We designed a new sign in the image of a historical one removed from downtown in 1980. The new one is retro in style, but fabricated with state-of-the-art technology. Art Productions served as general contractor for the fabrication and installation of the sign now located on Peachtree Street next to Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

This two-sided sign is 50 in overall height with a 33 diameter icon. It has over a mile of neon, Coca-Cola letters have 2860 bulbs, message units have 7424 xenon bulbs, 25000+ feet of wiring, 200 square feet of treadplate, 450 square feet of chromed aluminum, 26 gallons of paint and a steel infrastructure.

View a slide show of the Coca-Cola Woodruff sign photos

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Sits atop the center field sign in Fenway Park, Boston, MA. This signature icon was designed, fabricated and installed by Art Production, Inc. The letters are 68' long and 24' tall overall; they script (sign themselves) from left to right and have several additional functions. The Major League Baseball sign is a backlit unit with neon overlay so that the bat 'swings' to hit the ball.

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Installation of a 30' Coca-Cola bottle with neon label, neon icon and 3D ice for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, GA (We store molds for this bottle, please go to the Coca-Cola section.)

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Night shot of two 30' Coca-Cola bottles covered in neon, in addition to channel letters of the logo in the Texas Rangers stadium in Arlington, Texas (We have the mold for this bottle stored, please go to the Coca-Cola section).

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Lighting of the North Avenue Tower at the Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta, GA during the 1996 Olympics.

25' tall milk jug with a backlit label; animatronic cap opens to set off three stages of a neon splash. (Does not show in this photograph, but there are 30 strobe lights that come on with each section of neon. They flash faster than the lens would shoot and can be seen from one mile away.)




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