You know how to write. You love creating stories.

But is your blurb doing all it can to sell your story?

Is your query letter getting the responses you want from agents and editors?

Do you need help plotting and writing that dreaded synopsis?


Together we’ll take your writing to a more effective level. A sales level. Whether you’re an indie author who needs a marketing coach or a writer struggling to uncover your plot or craft a catchy query letter, I’ll work with you to make your writing attract the attention it deserves. I've worked with traditionally published, self-published, and hybrid authors.

I'm a USA TODAY bestselling author whose been traditionally published as well as self-publishing multiple books on my own, and have had two agents during my career. If you'd like to see my bio and list of novels, please visit my author site:

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Writing a blurb that sells books is a lot like making the perfect iced coffee. Too much ice and the coffee ends up diluted. Too much backstory and ( yawn ) the blurb fails to hook your reader.

But…just like a martini shaker can help you make the perfect iced coffee (don’t believe me? I’ll email you the recipe!), I’ll shake up your blurb with key action words and cliff hangers to give it pizzazz and sell more books!

Agents and editors receive hundreds if not thousands of query letters every year. How will you make yours stand out? Just like the dash of foam added to an espresso to make a macchiato, I’ll walk you through the three I’s of query letters (introduce, inform, invite) that will add that extra flair to your letter.

With this service, I’ll include examples that have worked for me and a template you can use.