“In her coaching, Misty offered several ideas which I proceeded to implement. Just one of those strategies increased the sales of one of my series to more than double what it had been.” ~bestselling author, Emily Jane Trent


“In the past fourteen months, I've published six books - and Misty has helped me write the blurb for every book. She thinks of compelling phrases and strong words. I would not publish any of my books without passing the blurb by her. She's also helped me with loglines and tags. We've brainstormed about marketing plans and she gave me advice on newsletters. I've already told friends how great she is. She's the best!”

~Edie Ramer, author of the Miracle Interrupted Series, Dead People series, Dragon Blues and the Galaxy Girls series


“When it comes to fine tuning a logline or kicking a blurb up a notch, Misty is my go-to professional! She's always offered concrete advice and helpful suggestions. Even after sixteen books, I still get her final okay on blurbs before they go out. I'd be a fool not to - she knows her stuff!”

~Dale Mayer, author of the Psychic Visions romantic suspense series and YA Blood Ties series


"I'm a self-proclaimed 'Pantser' but there are times when I do need some plotting help, either before I start the book or midway through. When I get stuck, Misty helps me brainstorm and figure out plot points. Even when I get stuck with character motivation, she asks great questions to get my creative mind working and help me figure it out. She always has great suggestions and understands what I write."

~Michelle Miles, author of the Coffee House Chronicles and Knights In Shining Armor series


“I wrote my own blurb for my first published novel – over and over, and it was never quite right. Misty took me by the hand, asked the right questions, and produced a blurb that really conveys the essence of the book. She’s hooked me! I won’t even think of writing the blurb for my next book without her!”~ Marlie Bridges, author of You Belong to Me


"Promotional writing scares me to death, and when Misty was recommended to me, I was grateful I wouldn't have to be on my own preparing a blurb and back cover copy. Working with Misty was a positive pleasure--she has a wonderful way of extracting exactly the information that she needs to make reading my book sound like a real necessity, which is of course is what I wanted! The book we worked on together is the first of a trilogy, and when the second and third are ready to publish, I'll be back at her doorstep." ~ Beppie Harrison, author of The Divided Heart, RomancingtheEras.com


"My experience in brainstorming and plotting out a story with Misty has been fantastic! Not only does she guide you through the Save The Cat plotting technique step-by-step, but she forces you to dig into your character's motivations so that their actions are believable. Any ideas she brings to the table are fresh or a starting point to jump off of. Misty helps to bring ideas to the forefront without actually doing the work for you. I couldn't ask for a better person to bounce ideas off of!"  ~ Elisabeth Grace, author of the New Adult Limelight Series http://elisabeth-grace.com/


"Misty took my ho-hum blurb and added rocket sauce to it. I noticed a dramatic increase in sales after updating my blurb.”  ~ Diana Orgain, Author of Nursing A Grudge: A Maternal Instincts Mystery www.dianaorgain.com